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Well, we just got a metric fuck ton of spolers over the last few weeks. So why not just add a few more? This time, they’ll be official though and from the Martell deluxe box 🙂 .

I’m not sure how Rob can fill 15 minutes of video with spolers. I guess he’s just more creative than me (or can drone on about cards for longer), but I don’t care much for 5 minute videos, so I’m going to stick with the article format. It seems to be working and it doesn’t create additional legwork for people just looking for the images. Aaaaaaaaand here we go.

Spare Boot

I mean…why are all the new Night’s Watch cards so fucking boring? I feel like the Haunted Forest Scout has been the most interesting card I’ve got to review in months and that card was merely good. They’re definitely making me work to come up with uses for these cards. (meanwhile, Rob gets a Martell location that says “kneel to remove target icon from target character.” You gotta work reeeeally hard to come up with a use for that one 😛 )

So, Spare Boot is a nonloyal unique 2 cost power monocon builder with 2 strength and the challenges action to stand and move an attachment attached to a character you control to Spare Boot.

My first thought was immediately “double use of Practice Blades and Dragonglass Daggers seems okay in the right circumstance.” But there are a hand full of other things he is capable of doing. Since you don’t have to control the attachment, just the character the attachment is attached to (unless I’m misreading this, which is entirely possible), you can move negative attachments like Milk of the Poppy, Craven, Fishing Net etc from, say, Jon Snow to this character. Now, this is a little narrow in its application because an awful lot of Night’s Watch characters are no attachments except weapons, but it is a possibility. In addition, while you move Practice Blades and the like around, they do stand, so Halder can re-use them for strength buffs. Or, in the case of certain attachments that must be knelt to use, such as Ranger’s Bow, Weirwood Bow or (gasp) Catapult on the Wall, you could possibly get additional uses out of the attachment’s abilities. It’s important to keep in mind that each attachment can only be moved like this one time (from a character to Spare Boot), as he cannot move attachments to other characters. But a clutch one time use of an attachment’s ability a second time or strength buff or whatever may be worth it sometimes. It helps that he’s a builder anyway…


Wait, what’s this? Is that a combo on the horizon?!

Let me paint you a word picture.

Your opponent has a nonloyal character that you want to control…A Victarion Greyjoy with 4 power. You drop this beauty on Victarion. Now, if he attacks and it isn’t with enough strength to win outright, you can all out defend, win the challenge and then take control of said Victarion! Oh – and then, the following turn, you play Spare Boot, right? You attack with Victarion and, if they try to do the same thing to you by defending with all their characters? You flip that Turncloak over to Spare Boot! Or, if you aren’t that theatrical, you could just move it over as soon as you take control of Victarion…

And, if that is too difficult, at the very least, you can put this card on an opponent’s character so that they can’t do chump challenges with them anymore otherwise they’d possibly lose them.

There is also the possibility of plunking it on a character and then stealthing everyone else but that character, forcing unopposed. Or, if you squint really hard, it is a faux 4th through 6th more expensive, more situational Craven. ESPECIALLY in a Builders deck (since Abandoned Strongholds can practically guarantee at least 1 challenge win on defense). Other than that, I’m sure there is some combination or scenario I’m not considering here…

If only this card had ambush…

If you have any additional thoughts on the cards, feel free to comment in the Facebook thread, or Reddit thread or wherever you see these or if have any other general comments about the game, the website or anything else, I’ll be glad to listen!

Until next time, folks!

Feature Image Source: Joe From Cincinnati | Wardens of the Midwest