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The Official Podcast for Wardens of the Midwest : Wardens of the Midwest is a group dedicated to the Cincinnati (and surrounding areas) Meta for The Game of Thrones 2.0 LCG.https://www.wardensofthemidwest.com/

Episode 13: It's important to Note His Strength is 4itunes pic
Mickey and Mike finally return to join Joe, Danny and our good friend Jonathan Herr in an episode filled with talk of existing spolers as well as 2 brand new spolers from the Lions of Casterly Rock Deluxe Box!




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How to Play Crab (According to Joe From Cincinnati) Part I

So, why am I writing this article? Well, like I did with Night’s Watch in A Game of Thrones, I am interested in representing the Crab Clan, as one of their first Hatamotos, in the coming years with strategy articles, theory crafting and all that (assuming, of course, that people give a shit about what I think. And assuming I have time to do so.)

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