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The Official Podcast for Wardens of the Midwest : Wardens of the Midwest is a group dedicated to the Cincinnati (and surrounding areas) Meta for The Game of Thrones 2.0 LCG. https://www.wardensofthemidwest.com/

Episode 13: It's important to Note His Strength is 4Mickey and Mike finally return to join Joe, Danny and our good friend Jonathan Herr in an episode filled with talk of existing spolers as well as 2 brand new spolers from the Lions of Casterly Rock Deluxe Box!
Episode 12 - Pokemon aGOtThis week, Ser Joe handles the equipment setup. Next time we'll have to make sure he actually plugs in all the microphones. Joined by Captain Ishmael and ButterBumps, The groups reviews the latest podcast and dicusses the upcoming Gencon tournaments.
Episode 11 - Valar MOriginsAfter much delay, our brave knights send out a raven to let the world know they are still alive, even though half of them could not be present. Ser Jon joins us as a guest to talk briefly about Origins, Valar Morghulis, Martell and the end of a cycle.
Episode 10 - Spoilers and Star Trek AnalogiesIt has been a long quest but, today, we begin to reap the rewards of our labors. Exclusive Spoilers! Our new squire, Darren, helps us go over the Lannister cards that will be in the next chapter pack while Mike attends to some other business.
Episode 9 - Winter Is CancelledNo replacements this time! Our original band of knights have gathered to discuss some of the more impactful cards from the new chapter pack, True Steel. They also go over how the game has evolved throughout the cycle and some things to look forward to in the future.
Episode 8 - Wheels within WheelsKnights have broken oaths before but no one ever would have guessed Ser Joe would desert his post. The sellsword Mat proves his worth again as the group talks about plots, banners and a few tangents.
Episode 7 - Low Hanging FruitThe party is once again joined by Mat as the illustrious Mike is off on a quest. With the closing of the first cycle of chapter packs, we address our immediate concerns with the current design space, discuss options for dealing with the more power decks and other immediate concerns.
Episode 6 - Chasing the WolfRather than going over the Stark box card by card, our band calls upon a wayward ally to discuss deckbuilding for the Stark faction. Flying the flag of the Fryed Man, Ser Mathew arrives on the scene.
Episode 05 - The Fifth Re-PairThis week the valiant knights of the Midwest share their experience at the Indy Regional, discuss art and artists in the game, and completely avoid talking about the Stark box.
Episode 04 - Archetypes Ain't EasyWe have a guest filling in for Joe From Cincinnati this week! In this episode we discuss Melee as a viable format (maybe?) and various deck archetypes that are coming into play or are already established! Enjoy!
Episode 03 - House of CardsWe find our heroes discussing cards that they would like to see released to make their chosen faction "complete". Danny tells a bad joke while Mike secretly knows all. Enjoy!
Episode 02 - Lord of the ResetsWelcome back to the Wardens of the Midwest podcast! In our second episode we'll be discussing some cards from The King's Peace, the impact of resets, and telling a stupid joke! As before, please leave us comments, questions and suggestions on anything you'd like to hear us discuss!
Episode 01 - The Beginning...Our first ever Game of Thrones 2.0 LCG podcast! We're still getting the hang of podcasting, so bear with us. Please feel free to leave comments or questions!

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