Author: Joe From Cincinnati

A New Breed of Night’s Watch Decks

That, of course, all changed on February 6, 2016. Jeremy Hammond (code name Kidohearts) won a store championship in Durham, North Carolina with a Night’s Watch Banner of the Kraken deck. This was a huge thing for us in the Night’s Watch community (yes, there is a community, Haters) not just because he won a SC with a Night’s Watch deck, something that I failed to do with my NW Wolf deck on that same day. But also because he did it with a deck very few people have ever played before (either with or against).

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The Mystical Lady Sansa’s Rose Deck Type

Now, any faction can play with the LSR theme and I believe it will be a huge consideration in any given meta. Not only is it extremely fun to gain 7 or 8 power on a single challenge, but it’s also extremely dangerous and threatening to your opponent. If you thought challenge math was fun before this deck type arose, just you wait! You can’t really afford a chump challenge to go through unopposed anymore if that chump is a knight and your opponent has 1 gold.

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Nedly Players Matter Too!

So just remember, the next time you want to ridicule that Nedly player for intentionally avoiding the strongest combos, instead just thank him for keeping together the community that you feel so connected to today

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