Author: Joe From Cincinnati

A New Approach to Providing Content

So I had idea. Let me know if you guys like it. I’ve seen a lot of feedback over the last few months that the community wants more written content, a little less podcast and video content. The idea being it is easier and more time efficient to read an article than it is to listen to an hour long podcast. So, I am gonna give this a shot…

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A New Breed of Night’s Watch Decks

That, of course, all changed on February 6, 2016. Jeremy Hammond (code name Kidohearts) won a store championship in Durham, North Carolina with a Night’s Watch Banner of the Kraken deck. This was a huge thing for us in the Night’s Watch community (yes, there is a community, Haters) not just because he won a SC with a Night’s Watch deck, something that I failed to do with my NW Wolf deck on that same day. But also because he did it with a deck very few people have ever played before (either with or against).

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