Hello and welcome to the Wardens of the Midwest page! This site is dedicated to the Game of Thrones Living Card Game Second Edition. Our meta is based in Cincinnati and Toledo and many of us were long-term First Edition players; as such we eagerly await the return of Valar Morghulis (well some of us do). Although the site is still under construction we’ll be posting plenty of articles, videos, and podcasts, as well as live-streaming from Arkham House Games in Cincinnati. The AGoT LCG community has always been a friendly community of great people and we welcome any new players that are interested in the game. We’ll be happy to teach you strategy, provide deck building tips, and give suggestions to help you improve. We’re always looking to discuss things, so feel free to add comments and leave feedback, or just enjoy looking around.

Feature Image Source: Mickey from Cincinnati | Wardens of the Midwest